With red and wet eyes i announce the loss of two lumia phones…….


Tom is one of the person that lost her lumia 520. She go charge her phone 4 soccer centre on sunday 4th of october 2015 na so S.A.S enter the place oo… As niggas dey run commot from the soccer centre, some of them carry wetin no b there own oo… and tom phone na one of the phones wey dem carry ooo..Na the phone b dis…she don mourn the phone for 3days bt she no go kill her self na….


the second person na the great aunty Ada oo, bt dem no thief her phone oo Dem dey crase dem go fit thief her phone ? u want mk she fire prayer for dem ?

10959474_1378748805769002_5809965909256962343_nFrom report wey reach our hand she say her phone lock, instead f her to go give people wey dey repair phone she carry am go give IK …. 9 the guy screw the phone open ooo.. as i dey talk to u knw the screen touch no dae work again… Na so we see am oo 4 our own special area BUNDU.. bt if u no knw her phone see am here



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