Amaechi Blasts Wike: Stop Making Noise, Take Me To Court If You Are Sure

As we expected, the Commission of Inquiry set up by Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike to supposedly probe the immediate past Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi did not disappoint. The panel lived up to expectations as a shambolic inquisition panel set up to indict Amaechi.


Crudely, without any sense of finesse or attempt to disguise its mission to ‘hack down Amaechi’, the panel lead by Justice Omereji did the bidding of its paymaster. As we earlier warned it turned out to be a comedy, a circus show to grab media headlines with bogus, phantom, and fabricated claims of corrupt practices by former Governor Amaechi and officials of his administration. It achieved nothing beyond political excitements, entertainment, and theatrics.

At every point during the public hearing

Justice Omereji clearly showed his bias and his determination to indict Amaechi and officials of his administration. Most times, the panel chairman simply concluded that they are corrupt, even before all the facts are made known to the panel, even before all sides have been heard. On one occasion, Omereji said he wished the panel had the powers of a court so he could lock up, perhaps for life, these so called corrupt officials


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